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Geeks Entertainment, is a film production studio with a goal to produce exceptional visuals & sound-based corporate communication & entertainment. Combining global ideas with cutting-edge technology, we at Geeks are always striving to produce Programmes that are not at all common & obviously stands apart in the market. Creating cutting-edge visuals is our identity.

  1. Baidurya Mallik

    Baidurya has mastered in English & has degree in Advanced Cinematics & Movie Technology. After finishing academics in 2005, Baidurya started working under reputed Creative Professionals of Kolkata. Having 12 years experience in Advertising sector, Baidurya looks after the concept development and heads the production team of the creative projects at Geeks Entertainment.

  2. Vlad Zholik

    Vlad is the Sound Engineer, based in Poland, Europe & USA. Vlad looks after the Sound Development of the Creative projects that Geeks Entertainment undertakes. Vlad makes sure that the music & sound that comes at the final output are always of International Quality & preferred to global audience.

  3. Jyotirmoy Chakraborty

    Since last 10-12 years, Jyoti worked as chief assistant director for movies like Jism , Angshumaner chobi, Fakebook & many more. Apart from movies, Jyoti also directed popular megaserials for popular channels like Rupashi Bangla & Zee Bangla.

  4. Shaunak Sur

    Shaunak has Mastered in Production Controlling from SRFTI. Shaunak also has years of experience in reputed multinational Advertising agencies. Shaunak looks after the operations & management of our film-making process.